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Apple WatchOS 2: What new features will this update hold?

Apple WatchOS 2: What new features will this update hold?

When Apple announced the much anticipated smart watch last year, a lot of people got extremely excited and thrilled regarding its features. When the company announced the latest Apple WatchOS 2, a lot of Apple gadget fanatics got even more excited about what it provides. The Apple WatchOS 2, according to a reliable source, will be available next year and packed with essential features such as:

Face Time Camera

Apple has a plan to put in a Facetime camera to this newest edition of Apple watch. This feature allows a person to make Facetime and receive calls through their wrists. The latest Facetime feature is incorporated into the bezel of the watch.

Apple iWatchLess Dependence on iPhone

The company wanted to have further functionality once it is alienated from Apple phone and they say that this feature is called tether-less.  The smart watch from Apple could just support music playback, activity monitoring as well as mobile payments without a matching iPhone. Lots of other features which include email, text messaging as well as utilizing third party applications are not possible without an iPhone.

On the other hand, with this latest innovation, it is more capable once your iPhone is not connected by just placing in a wireless chipset. This may not handle software updates, but other tasks can be managed with no help from the iPhone.

State of the Art Styles

The company, according to the source, will be exploring lots of variations of this gadget, beyond the steel and sports and Edition tiers accessible with the 1st generation of Apple smart watch.  The company has a plan to introduce the latest models that must sit between the expense steel smart watch and the reasonable edition.

Long Battery life

Apple WatchOS 2 has a long battery life, according to a reliable source. It may not surpass the Pebble Steel time, which has 10 days battery life. 2 to 3 days is perhaps enough to handle all your tasks with the use of this Apple watch.

Qi wireless-charging Abilities

The latest type of wireless charging utilized by this new gadget is a remarkable feature. This snaps into place utilizing magnets that leave no ugly port. The only concern is that when your battery dies while you are far from home, it is hard to find an Apple WatchOS charger.  Don’t worry as the Qi charging feature is here to help you. This is a wireless charging norm that is becoming more and more popular, with cell manufacturers like Samsung integrating the technology in the newest Galaxy S6 phone. Even through a wireless charging pad is not as popular as wire, there is still a chance of finding one during your travel.

Smart Straps

This is a remarkable idea that Pebble realized and used in their Pebble Time. Pebble is allowing manufacturers and developers to make their own personal smart strap which links to the unit through a smart accessory port.

This feature has the possibility to make a great smart watch remarkable, from pack strap which provides additional battery life to the strap with integrated LEDs that flash each time you receive a notification.

Built-in Global Positioning System

One important feature that is not available in the 1st generation of Apple smart watch is GPS.  This watch cannot really be utilized without the help of iPhone and the reason for this is in order to attach to the GPS of the iPhone.

For fitness and healthy tracking means, one can take the watch with its associated iPhone. After about twenty minutes of running this gadget, you will know the length of your stride. This is a remarkable solution for health fans, but it does not really assist other apps which gain from GPS.

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